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Wow, Mayr! The new calendar looks GREAT! You are so talented!
Amy Henry, Executive Director, Young Israel Aish Las Vegas

Wow! The 2014-2015 calendar looks so spectacular! Major kudos! I am blown away!
Hadassa Lefkowitz, Board of Trustees and Calendar Committee, Young Israel Aish

Very beautiful! I think people are really going to take notice. Your work is simply beautiful ... sexy, yet classy. You are very talented, Mayr!                                                                                                  Jakki Price, CEO/President J. Price Productions, LLC
I have found Ms. Berry to be conscientious, creative, detail oriented, proactive, intelligent and focused. Any professional project you have, Ms. Berry will get done quickly, on time and on budget! I keep getting compliments AND thanks to you, for the ad you created for my promotional campaign! 2 people have hired me so far! J                                                        VLP - Small Business Owner

BEAUTIFUL! Awesome!!! These AHC tribute videos are great! … Amazing Mayr! You are a miracle worker … I love them!!! You are so talented! I CANNOT wait to show these!!!!!!!!!!!!!             Kathy Konst, Executive Director, American Hellenic Council of CA 

Based on my personal observation Maria is the type of person that 1) has a very strong mind, 2) is inquisitive, 3) is willing to share what she knows with others, and 4) finishes what she starts. These attributes make her an ideal candidate in any organization You would be getting a real winner with Ms. Berry.     Sean O’Leary, D.M., M.B.A. Associate Professor of Business Administration                                                                                                                     University of San Diego and Ashford University

Maria was in my Business Legal Environment class at Ashford University. As a student in this accelerated six-week class, she demonstrated strong analytical and writing skills while she kept up with the rigorous course load. Maria is a highly motivated individual as indicated by her good attendance and exceptional grades on class activities and writing assignments. She worked well with other students in the class and was a fantastic team player as demonstrated by the results of discussion posts. In summary, Maria is an exemplary person. With her extensive abilities, I believe she is capable of any goal she happens to pursue. 
                                       Janet Ann Fiorentino, J.D. Assistant Professor of College of Business and Professional Sciences
                                                                                                                                                                 Ashford University

Ms. Berry was a student of mine in the Master’s program at the Ashford University and is the type of student that has proven herself in the classroom week after week. Not only did she work hard to receive an “A” in my course, but her effort and commitment to personal excellence was apparent in the quality of work she completed. In addition, her desire to make a difference in the world through her professional career, as a result of earning her Master’s degree, is a commendable and admirable quality that should be rewarded. I know that the same dedication and excellence she put forth in her academic journey will be applied in her journey through life as she seeks to affect others for positive change in the world.
                           Dr. Robert M. Rupe, Ph.D Professor of College of Business in Learning Organizations and Effectiveness                                                                                                                                                                    Ashford University

Maria is a consummate professional! She is great to work with, and delivers great results on time. I love the fact that I can give Maria a general idea for a project, turn her loose and get fantastic results in return. 
                                                                                                               Charles Young Managing Director, 1000 Shillings

I've been privileged to work with Maria Berry several times since 2004. She is quick to grasp the intent of her customers, and possesses that rare skill of listening well. Her portfolio is awesome; Maria's work has never disappointed me or those I've referred to Media Magic, LLC.                                                                           Mike Jones, Sr. Loan Officer, Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC

I first met Maria in the late 1980's when we both worked on a month-long Anthony Robbins seminar in Hawaii together. She and her husband at the time were the creative directors for the incredible magic that helped make Tony's work a highly creative cutting edge presentation. Since then, Maria and I have been involved off and on in other creative projects of various types, and I cannot recommend her professional skills and creative abilities, along with her impeccable integrity highly enough.
​                                                              Kaye Sturgis, Professional Astrologer and Intuitive, Sage Elder Wisdom Blogger

Maria is a consummate professional, great to work with and she delivers! In my experience she has displayed high levels of leadership, integrity and honor. Her many years as a professional in the entertainment industry brings a level of artistic expression like no other. I continue to engage her services and highly recommend her for your production needs as well.
​                                                                       Bill Anastopoulos, Private Lending Specialist, Gold Coast Mortgage Group

Mayr is the best I have ever heard, her accents and her versatility is unmatched! She has always delivered a very professional product above my expectations. I will use her for all my future projects.
                                                                                                                          Luna Shimada, Co-Founder, Magic Vision